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Payroll software for organizations of all sizes

Ropay makes it easy for you to onboard and pay your team

Full Service Payroll

We made payroll easy. With just a few clicks, we calculate, and pay your team.

Payroll with just one CSV

With an excel sheet, you can pay all your staff at once

Payroll Financing

There isn’t an easy time to run a business and when you need us, we would be there to help.

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Onboard, manage, and pay your team easily with Ropay

Full-Service payroll

Pay salaries on time. Schedule and automate monthly salaries.

Employee Management

Offer employee benefits like health insurance and pension, suspend employees and manage employee profiles.

Advance Computation

Automatic tax calculations, pension payment and computation of all statutory deductions required for businesses.

Vendor Management

Pay all contractors and vendors on Ropay one-time or recurring fees.

You're in good company

Easily create an automated payroll and payment processes in minutes.

Now, I do not have to go through the Headache of sending our accountants to go remit pension. I do all of that right from Ropay

user avartar
Lekan Olude


Once I have to pay a vendor, Even before the job is done, I use Ropay to either Schedule a reminder, Or Schedule a payment for that particular day

user avartar
Tobi Ololade

Dojah Inc

The Biggest Feature that has been of great use to us at moneymie is the statutory compliance feature. Knowing what is owed for TAXES, NSITF, and ITF after every payroll period has been beneficial to us at moneymie

user avartar
Opeyemi Awoyemi


We process payroll from small, and large businesses alike, and Ropay saved us time because we are able to calculate advance payroll, and also manage multiple companies all from their website without having to log out every time

user avartar

C.E.O, Rovedana